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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 5, 2010 3:00am-3:30am PST

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making news on this friday, november 5th. >> a devastating storm bears down on haiti. and now, a new tragedy. an overnight plane crash from the country kills dozens. next up for the president, asia. a major controversy, even before air force one leaves the u.s. the former president with oprah winfrey on his legacy, sarah palin, and the political swamp. and good morning, everyone. i'm mike marusarz, in for rob nelson. >> and i'm vinita nair. we're following developments in two, deadly air crashes this morning. a plane en route from haiti to havana, crashed in a remote area of cuba, killing all 68 onboard.
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the pilot issued an emergency call before the tur poe prop went down in flames. >> emergency crews used a bulldozer to reach the crash site. weather may have been a factor, with tropical storm tomas bearing down on the area. and in pakistan, a small, private plane chartered by an oil company crashed at the karachi airport. all 21 people were killed. the pilot had reported engine trouble and was on his way back to the airport when the plane went down. it exploded into flames on impact. haiti is enduring yet another force of nature. tomas is dumping heavy rains on the earthquake-ravaged country. >> chaos broke out as officials tried to evacuate more than a million people in tent cities that could be wiped out by the storm. abc's matt gutman is there. >> reporter: it was anger borne out of fear. with tomas likely to trigger landslides and massive flooding, aid workers tried to evacuate thousands here at one of haiti's biggest tent cities. those workers were quickly
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besieged. evacuees refused to go. and within seconds, this crowd swelled from dozens to hundreds. tearing through the camp, smashing tables and chairs. what these people have been yelling for the past 15 minutes is, we're not going to leave this encampment. their fear is, if they do leave, they'll never be allowed to come back to these tents, the only home they have left. efforts to calm the crowd failed. and they drove their potential saviors out of town. there was no real violence. only the threat of it. hours later, hundreds relented and boarded the trucks. but a real threat, this storm could worsen a cholera outbreak here that has already killed over 400 people. u.s. officials expect up to 500,000 people need immediate assistance, including tents, tarps and food. but getting it to them will be a challenge. the roads here in this country, remain nearly impassable. almost everywhere you go, you
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see debris from that earthquake. matt gutman, abc news, port-au-prince, haiti. the president departs, this morning, for a ten-day trip to asia. a trip that will include a very personal stop for the president. but it's a trip that also has drawn some heavy criticism from conservatives. emily schmidt joins us, now, from washington with more. good morning, emily. >> reporter: vinita, good morning to you. the white house says this trip is going to focus on fighting terrorism and improving the world economy. but so far, it's also meant battling a false report about how much this trip is going to cost. some are calling it the $200 million myth. reports from india that the presidential trip to asia will cost $200 million a day and involve a naval fleet. the white house and pentagon called the numbers absurd. but it is a hot topic on the radio. >> in two days i'll be in india, at $200 million a day. >> $200 million. >> a day. >> $200 million? >> reporter: similar trips by past presidents have cost about
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$5 million a day. the administration, which usually doesn't comment on presidential security, made an exception. >> but i will, take the liberty this time, is dismissing this notion, that is absolutely absurd that we are deploying 10% of the navy, some 34 ships and an aircraft carrier for the president's trip to asia. nothing close to that is being done. >> reporter: the white house says usual security precautions are being taken. the president arrives tomorrow in mumbai, india, where he'll stay at the iconic taj hotel, site of the terror siege two years ago. he'll meet with the families of those lost in the attacks, before meeting with students and attending a state dinner. jakarta, indonesia, then welcomes the president. it's the city where he lived as a boy. the highlight of the stop will be a major speech on democracy, development and outreach to muslim communities around the world. the trip ends next week in south korea and japan, with major summits on the global economic
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recovery. president obama canceled his trips to indonesia twice before this year. once during the health care reform battle. and the second time during the bp oil spill. this will be the longest foreign trip of his presidency so far. vinita? >> emily schmidt in washington this morning. thank you. meanwhile, the presumptive next speaker of the house, republican john boehner, says the president is in a sort of denial of the message that voters sent in tuesday's elections. in an exclusive interview with diane sawyer, boehner said the president's agenda was, quote, clearly repudiated. and he was asked about president obama, mentioning him so much on the campaign trail. >> it's politics. you know, when you get into the election season, there's a lot of things that get -- a lot of hyperbolists running around. >> the president has extended an invitation, to come, meet together. what's the first sentence you're going to say to him?
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>> hello. nice to see you. i have no personal animosity at all towards the president. i get along well with him. >> well, boehner told diane he supports extending all current tax rates to all americans. and he said one legacy from nancy pelosi's time as speaker is increased partisanship. well, as for pelosi, democratic sources in the house say she is seriously considering staying in congress and running for minority leader. pelosi is calling every house democrat who won on tuesday, and even some who lost, gauging support. her allies are telling her she should stay because nobody in the house can raise money better than her. incumbent patty murray heads back to the senate, after winning a very close race in washington state. her republican challenger finally conceded last night. but it could be weeks before there's a winner in the alaska senate race. thousands of write-in and absentee ballots are at issue. and nienhuis races are still undecided. former president bush has largely been silent since leaving office. but he has his memoir that's due out next week. so, he's opening up to oprah winfrey about his life.
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mr. bush says, while he enjoyed politics, he has no plans to get back into the game. even so, oprah tries to draw him back in. >> i am not a political pundit. i'm really not. and secondly, a lot is going to happen between now and the nominating process. >> i'm not asking you to pundit. i'm just asking your opinion. >> yeah, you are. you're asking me to wade back into the swamp. >> come on in. >> you can catch the interview with former president bush tuesday on the oprah show. and now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. steady rain in northern new england. lingering showers along the east coast, south to the carolinas. that could turn into snow in the higher elevations and along the great lakes. dry mostly everywhere else, except for southern florida. >> 74 in miami. a chilly 53 in atlanta. cool along the northern border. 42 in chicago. mild in the plains and central states. 49 in omaha.
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64 in dallas. and in southern california, a record heat wave comes to an end. but l.a. will be a higher-than-normal 89. your business news is next, including important, new job numbers, due out this morning. then, the test that can make a huge difference in lung cancer survival. and one of the chilean miners takes manhattan. (jennifer garner) there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there
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the top issues for voters today. today, we will find out if the jobs picture improved last month. economists are predicting the government will report 60,000 jobs were created in october. while the unemployment rate remained at 9.6%. but experts say closer to 300,000 jobs a month need to be added to indicate significant hiring has begun. the federal reserve's latest efforts to boost the economy isn't expected to reduce unemployment anytime soon. but it is giving stocks a huge lift. wall street surged to its highest level of the year thursday. the dow had its best close since before lehman brothers collapsed in september of 2008. the benchmark soared 220 points yesterday, closing at 11,434. the nasdaq jumped 37 points. asian markets are also surging this morning. tokyo's nikkei average jumped almost 3% today. hong kong's hang seng is higher. and in london, the ftse surged 2% yesterday.
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in our weekly "usa today" tech report, we have the first look at microsoft's new smartphone software, the first phone powered by the completely redesigned windows phone 7, go on sale next week. "usa today's" ed baig, says there's a lot to admire and a lot missing. >> the good news is they really have designed something fresh, different. something that really keeps them in the game and mobile. the bad news, there's a bunch of missing features. they will still be doing catchup to the main rivals, apple's iphone and the android devices, based on google's operating system. >> and you can read ed's full review on well, oprah winfrey is reaching new heights, sort of. united airlines has unveiled a specially-painted plane, honoring the last season of her show. there is also a customized interior. and passengers will be greeted by a video message from oprah. >> and they're running a sweepstakes of the sort that passengers on the first flight
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from chicago to l.a. will win enough free miles to travel around the world. and they'll be doing that to may. >> once a month, through may, they're going to be giving away -- i guess around a million miles or so. >> very cool. coming up next, a contestant on "the bachelorette" found dead. and later, a touching story of generosity. the couple who gave away nearly all of their multimillion-dollar lottery jackpot.
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what's her advantage? it's speedy alka-seltzer! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief for all-over achy colds. the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team. alka-seltzer plus. now, for a look at your morning road conditions. another day of wet highways in the east, especially the stretch of i-95 from washington to boston. icy conditions across michigan and along the great lakes. >> and if you're flying today, expect airport delays in miami, and detroit. and at the major northeast corridor airports, boston, philadelphia, new york and d.c. qantas airlines says its six grounded airbus 380 jumbo jets could be back in the air in a day or two.
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the passengers who were on the qantas flight that suffered the mid engine blowout, are back in the air this morning. they have all left for australia. one executive said it is still too early to say what caused the blowout. but they believe one cause is faulty engine design. and they say maintenance was not a significant factor. in nearby indonesia, the death toll from the eruption of the mt. merapi volcano is on the rise. another eruption this morning killed at least another 54 people. pushing the number of victims to more than 100. most have died because of the volcano's blistering hot gases. to health news now. and a possible breakthrough. a new study finds that a single test can reduce deaths from lung cancer by 20%. our dr. richard besser has more on the promising research. >> reporter: it is the holy grail of modern medicine. the largest study ever of lung cancer screening out today provides a way to save lives. >> it showed that there was
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decrease in deaths from lung cancer if you undergo c.t. screening. >> reporter: until now, early detection of lung cancer has been almost impossible. by the time a patient is symptomatic, it is usually too late to cure them. the announcement was enough to bring tears to the eyes of dr. claudia henschke, who has championed screening for more than 20 years. >> i'm thrilled because all the work we put in was to save lives. >> reporter: by giving older, heavy smokers an annual low-dose c.t. scan, the smallest of tumors can be detected and surgically removed, providing a cure. the scan, which has the same exposure as a mammogram, provides detailed pictures of the lung. >> the person came back a year later. and you see that there is something here. >> reporter: this white -- >> this white thing. maybe five millimeters. so, it's still very tiny. >> reporter: so, that tiny dot is now that larger -- >> yes. so, it's clearly growing. >> reporter: one of the lives she saved was 84-year-old leslie kingon. a 2007 scan found a tiny tumor in his lung. three years later, he is still cancer-free.
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>> i've experienced my children's marriages. i've been able to experience my only grandchild, who i dearly love. >> r time ever, the first time ever, the american cancer society may change their recommendations about screening for lung cancer. >> there is a possibility that the american cancer society will recommend this as a screening test in the near future. >> reporter: but this is really the first clue that early detection and early treatment of lung cancer makes a big difference. dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. there are few details about the death of former "bachelorette" tv show contestant, julien hug. hug's body was found in a remote spot along a california highway. he had last been seen or heard from, i should say, monday, when he traveled from san diego to palm desert, where he managed a family restaurant. hug was a contestant in 2009's season five. and was passed over by bachelorette, jillian harris. well, he survived being
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trapped underground for two months. but can he survive the streets of new york? rescued chilean miner, edison pena, is in new york, preparing to run in this sunday's marathon. pena says it may take him six hours. but he is determined to finish the race. he also stopped by "the late show," where david letterman compared being trapped in the mine to appearing on his show. >> good stuff. well, three college football games tomorrow, match teams currently ranked in the bcs top 15. for last night's highlights, here's mike yam at espn news. >> good morning. we start with some college football. virginia tech, looking for their seventh-straight win. matching up against josh nesbitt and georgia tech. first quarter, yellowjackets on top, 7-0. nesbitt, finding the seam. he's gone. 71 yards. that run made him the all-time leading rusher in school history. yellowjackets in control. second quarter, now, hokies down 14-7. tyrod taylor, one of the better quarterbacks in the acc, all the time in the world. 11 seconds to find someone, anyone.
4:20 am
back to the end zone he goes. not the guy he was hoping to find. he gets picked off. hokies, they turn it over with a golden opportunity to tie the game at 14-14. take you to the fourth quarter now. hokies driving. still down 14-7. david wilson, running around and then outside. 15 yards into the end zone. 7 carries, 39 yards. and more importantly for the hokies and their fans, they tie it at 14-14. later in the fourth, hokies, third and goal. taylor, this time, not going to get picked off. andre smith. taylor, 15 for 25, passing 137 yards and a touchdown. under three minutes left in the game. yellowjackets facing third and five. smith, 3 carries and 38 yards and an all-important touchdown. yellowjackets tie it at 21-21. ensuing kickoff, david wilson, back to receive. 90 yards, he is gone. taking it all the way in. his second 90-yard kickoff return in the season. only player in the fbs with more
4:21 am
than one. getting special play from their special teams. the last chance for the yellowjackets. tevin washington, back to pass. and he is picked off in the end zone. hokies, make it seven-straight wins for them. they take it 28-21. and that will do it for the sports update. back to you in new york. and when we return, we will update this morning's top story. a fiery overnight crash killed dozens. stay with us. ♪ triple-chocolate-swirl brownie? ♪ [ sk sampler ] crunchy, berry, nutty, chocolatey goodness? [ female announcer ] when watching your weight, the more options you have, the more likely you are to stay on track. special k® cereals. in nine delicious flavors like red berries, chocolatey delight and fruit & yogurt. ' cause variety equals victory. taste all nine. at the end of the day as they do at the beginning?
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stories we'll be watching on this friday. investigators are checking if weather brought down a plane in cuba overnight. all 68 people onboard died when the turboprop flight from hate to crashed in a remote area. it's a double-whammy for haiti, after rain is drenching from tomas. up to ten inches can fall in the quake-devastated areas. after weeks of focusing on domestic issues, president obama heads out on the longest foreign trip of his term. he travels to india, indonesia, south korea and japan over the next ten days. and it's one year to the day since the shooting rampage at ft. hood, texas. a granite memorial which includes the names of the 13 people killed last year will be unveiled at a special ceremony. it was the worst-ever mass shooting on a u.s. military base. and the space shuttle "discovery" is due for launch today. nasa will try to get it off the ground again, after yesterday's liftoff attempt was scrapped because of thunderstorms. liftoff today is scheduled for just after 3:00 p.m. eastern
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next, watch out for the water. an accident let the drivers to deal with this morning. oakland prepares for the worst as johannes mehserle for the shooting death for oscar grant and meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> looks like it's going to be dry but cooler the next few days and rain still on the way for sunday. >> most people who win big jackpots spend most of it and give some of it away.
4:28 am
but a canadian couple has turned that formula upside down. >> they won nearly $11 million in a national lottery and have given nearly all of it to others. ctv's todd battis went to find out why. >> hello? >> reporter: ah, the demands on the rich and famous. yet another reporter calls. violet large has been putting up with them all morning, to the chagrin of husband, allen. >> that phone never quits ringing, since 7:00 this morning. >> reporter: overwhelming, perhaps. but not surprising. everyone wants to know why anyone would give away a fortune. you see, back in the summer, the nova scotia couple took a lucky 649 ticket to the lottery office. >> it is my pleasure to present to you this check. >> reporter: it was, for them, all a bit much. the fanfare. the $11.2 million. >> we're country hicks. and we're not going to -- we're not travelers. so, why keep the money and give it to the government?
4:29 am
>> reporter: already retired, wanting little, the cars work, they decided to get rid of the jackpot. it went to family. to the fire hall, to hospitals, churches and charities. >> they didn't know nothing. they got a shock. >> you can't buy happiness. and you can't buy your health, which is something that my wife is -- >> reporter: allen has trouble talking about it. violet just finished chemotherapy. cancer surgery right before that. if anyone knows what's important, it's these two. plus, violet is pretty sure, giving away that money improved her health. >> we've really enjoyed it. that has put a big plus in our life. >> reporter: they weren't looking for attention. just wanted to be helpful. they say they have a $1 million-view, a comfy house and the richest prize of all, each other. todd battis, nova scotia. >> what amazing people. >> definitely. that is what is making n


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